Needsfinding and Research: Key components of the design process


Hindu Katowa

There is no distance with no end. We are almost done with the internship. We are in 6th week of the internship. Right now we are working on our final projects, in which we are trying to solve challenges in which CCBRT and MUHIMBILI NATIONAL HOSPITAL face.

 In our group we are trying to look at how to solve or how to help a person with cardiac arrest with an automatic device and not manually which is the current method used in Tanzania.

   This method is not effectively done because cardiac rescue faces fatigue when performing the chest compression so it’s hard for them to perform 100-120 compressions/min.

   So the doctors suggested using the automated chest compressor as the method of helping a person with cardiac arrest. This method could be able to perform chest compression effectively.

   As usual we conducted a primary research but it was a bit challenging for the doctors to get free time so that we can interview them but fortunately we had a chance to interview a critical care nurse under emergency department at Muhimbili and gave us a lot of details based on how cardiac arrest should be performed as well as secondary research from different reviews eg: American Heart Association(AHA)

   After research part we analyzed our themes and insights from our primary and secondary research which were safety, adjustable, reliable power consumption, affordability etc.

   Then we analyzed our design objectives and prioritizing them. Which were fast positioning of the device, cost effective, effectiveness etc.

After that we analyzed our problem statement and started brainstorming on some of the objectives and came up with different designing concepts and then we selected one design from the concepts in which we are working on it right now.

Brainstorming session

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