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Maximilian Donath Mkenda. August 16, 2021.

Joining the Lemelson Internship is a lot more fun than I thought it would be in the best way possible. So far, I have already gained many skills, and I have learned more about different things used in everyday activities such as laser cutting, 3D printing, soldering, Arduino programming and the diagnosis of various equipment.

As for expectations for the rest of my internship, I am thrilled to learn more every day and have been working with very talented people from whom I know I will learn more. This internship has given me even more real-world experience than I had before. It has also given me the chance to learn more about different tools and how I can use my skills attained to help in various ways.

As for my first day on August 9,2021 we created a keychain of our choice according to the specification given by the teaching assistants.  We were to simulate our own design using Fusion 360 and use a laser cutting machine to laser cut our designs. But before being given the assignment, we were taught how to use laser cutting machines. 

Also, we created a CAD design of an octahedron net and cut it out of cardboard. We also created a gear train consisted of 3 gears  of different sizes and acrylic material was used to make the gears.


Me using the laser cutting machine.          


Design of my keychain in Fusion 360.
On my second day we did 3D printing. We were given a general introduction to how to use a 3D printer and were assigned to use our CAD model to 3D print them. First, we were to convert the design into a STL format, importing the STL file into slicing software whereby the slicing software slices the STL and converts to G-code, then sends the G-code file for 3D printing.                                                                              

                                                                                                 CAD model view that I 3D printed.                                 

On my third day on August 11, we were taught the basic syntax codes to use in Arduino programming so we were to download and run PLX – DAQ (It is for displaying the output of the data in our connection). Afterwards we were assigned to code a snake or infinity symbol using 7 segment. The condition was that we must use custom functions with variables.

 General connection and the display of the snake symbol.

On my fourth day on August 12, we were taught about analog input or serial monitor variables. We were also taught about sensors (Infrared Proximity IR Sensors and Ultra Sonic Sensors), we were to test if they were working well by assembling the sensors in a good connection and programming them in order to work. In order to make the sensors work the components needed to accomplish the connection were: Arduino UNO; bread board; jumper wires; LED; resistor and we could also use motors.


On my fifth day on August 15,we were given a sumo-bot challenge whereby this is a robotics challenge given every year in the DIT Design Studio. The goal was to be the final robot moving in the ring. During the morning session from 09:00 am to around 11:00 am we were designing and programming our bots. 

From around 11:00 am we were visited by the founders of STIC labs. They shared information about many projects they did such as MajiPesa and others, challenges they encountered throughout their journey and how they started their company. They really inspired us to do our best in becoming the best versions of ourselves. They told us not to give up and not to lose hope in the work and designs we are doing in order to overcome any challenges we face in the Design Studio or in life.

From around 03:00 pm we did the bridge challenge which was to be done in a team of two people. The bridge was to be 3D printed and would not be supported by glue or anything but 3D printed materials. The team that built the strongest bridge that would hold the most weight was to be declared the winner.

Me & my team member 3D printing our bridge.    

Our bridge happened to be the winning bridge. We named it “Jangwani Bridge”.

  Jangwani Bridge holding the weights.

So far at my internship here at Lemelson, I have had a lot of hands-on experience. Each day brings something different whether it is working on machines or with a partner.

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