A Busy week

  A Busy week

Hindu Katowa,

It has been a very busy and tough week with sleepless nights.We are running out of time.So we are supposed to work as much as we can so we can finish our final prototypes and prepare ourselves for the next week’s final projects presentations.So our team is working on the Automatic Chest Compressor.

  But before we made a final prototype we made two prototypes which were piston and gear based chest compressors.And the processes were as follow:

  • We started on making piston based prototype in which we 3D printed the piston and circulating rods
  • Then we cut all remaining parts on a laser cutter.
  • After that we assembled the parts and completed our first prototype.
  • And after that we made our second prototype which was a gear based prototype.
  • We cut all the parts including gears on a laser cutting machine
  • Then we assembled all the parts

Piston based prototype 

Gear based prototype

We tested both prototypes.But finally we chose piston based because it meets our needs and objectives.

  The working principle of piston based chest compressor is that it works under piston mechanism in which motor rotates it raises the web and rotates with the help of slots.Within the rotational motion is converted into linear motion thus making the piston to move up and down ready to compress cardiac arrest patient’s chest in the required compressions of 100-120 compressions per minute.

   So we cut all the parts on a laser cutter. We assembled them together and programmed our motor.And finally the project worked successfully.Although we faced some challenges on coding a motor

   In the process of implementing this project I learnt that prototyping is a very important step during designing.Because it helps to make sure that you meet your objectives before making a final product.This saves time as well as reducing wastage of materials.

On the process of making final prototype.

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