A wonderful week!!!

What a wonderful week…

The week started with a sumo bot (robot) challenge whereby through the knowledge of Arduino we got from the previous week, we were able to program our sumo bots. The challenge was very interesting.

Picture showing Sumo bot challenge

A Design Thinking session followed after the sumo bot challenge whereby we learnt how to internalize the problem through empathizing. The procedure required primary research (interview, observation and questionnaire) and later secondary research from different sources like key sites and media. During the study we were given a problem: Why do DIT canteen users not wash their hands? in which we had to analyze some attributes of it. After the analysis we came up with answers of some attributes.

Picture showing the analysis of hand washing problem context

After the study we were divided into two teams. One team went to Amana Hospital to perform primary research on the problem of water overflowing in hand washing stations at Amana Hospital. The other team was assigned to interview Selcom representatives on the problem of spilling of fluids on delivery services to customers. I was amember of the team that went to Amana Hospital.

Picture of one of the hand washing stations at Amana hospital 

Eng. Kapela was our interviewee. He cooperated with us in answering our interview questions that provided us with some information concerning our problem. The most interesting part of our visit to Amana Hospital was when Eng. Kapela showed us the oxygen plant installed at the hospital for oxygen production. It is the only oxygen plant in Dar es Salaam. 

An oxygen plant at Amana Hospital

After the data collection process which was done through observation as well as the interview, we were required to download our learnings.  The learnings were downloaded by writing down what we observed and obtained from the interview and other secondary sources.


Picture showing the downloaded learnings 

Furthermore, the two teams sat together and shared the interesting stories obtained from the primary research. Madam Julia said to us that the process is nonlinear meaning that we can repeat the procedures until we obtain the desired data.

Generally, the week was interesting and remarkable because I got more interview skills and for the first time I saw the oxygen plant and got to know how oxygen it is extracted from other gases. 


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