Maximilian Donath Mkenda. August 23, 2021

Last week was fantastic! We started with a battle of sumo bots. It was a funny competition because most bots weren’t programmed well so most of them were misbehaving. My bot’s name was ‘LMNTRIX’. I named it after the crew in the “Step up” movie. Even though my bot wasn’t that good, it got me to third position.

As shown in Figure 1, the two bots fighting are LMNTRIX (the black one with a yellow board) and Jaren. LMNTRIX won this round. 

Figure 1: The bots’ challenge whereby one bot must be a winner

Also we did the Bio-design needs exploration on how to break down an observation into three key components which are problem, target population and outcome. So, we were given two observations which are: fluids delivered via Piki, a food delivery service, arrive at the customer open and/or spilled and a handwashing station at Amana Hospital found overflowing with water.

So, we were divided into two groups of four people: the Amana group and the Selcom group. I was among the group members of Selcom.

As shown in Figure 2, this is the main problem Selcom has experienced so far. So we as engineers and members of the DIT Design Studio were supposed to come up with a solution that would solve the problem they were experiencing.

                          Figure 2: A Selcom driver explaining the problem they face when delivering drinks

I looked forward to this challenge as an opportunity to get out into the area and potentially explore different solutions as a team. The major challenges that we anticipated while interviewing them were the loss of fuel for retaking orders and poor packaging. In order to improve their sales and maintain their customers they need to improve their drinks transportation means in order for the deliveries to reach the customers in good condition.

The maximum number of cups they can deliver in one trip is 4 cups according to the details we were given. And sometimes the drivers need to carry them in the front so that the coffee does not get spilled.

After data collection from what we observed and noted down, we started downloading our findings.  We noted down our observations and information obtained from secondary sources by using sticky notes. Each group shared the general overview of their primary research. Then we started preparing themes and insights for our project about food delivery service where drinks arrive at the customer spilled or opened.

So far, I am having a great time while I find myself focusing on the challenges we as team Selcom are trying to solve. It is important to remember that where there is a challenge, there is also an opportunity to face it, to demonstrate, and develop our will and determination.



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