MUHIMBILI PRESENTATION

   On this week we went to present our first prototypes  at Muhimbili National hospital. We met the pediatric doctor  and she gave us her feedback about the prototype  she said that we should consider more on the strength of the material that we will use .also she talked about the bottom stand that  should make the sliding head piece easier to slide when its lied down because the length board we will make will be for both horizontal and vertical position. Also we went to visit the malnutrition department and they also gave us some feedback on how they think the length board should  be improved , their biggest concern was the material that should be used because most of the  length board  that are existing in the hospital are made out of wood so after some time it get rots because of being contact with water . so they recommended us to find another material that will safe , that does not rot easily when it gets in contact with water. Also they talked about portability , they said that  the existing length boards are very heavy so they are not easy to be carried from one place to another , so they suggested us to use material lighter than wood or we should make it more portable than the existing one.

 After that we went back to design studio and started  to download our findings and started to brainstorm how our final prototype design will be. So we decided that we will on portability factor we will use wheels and using lighter materials including acrylic and plywood . acrylic was used as base so as even if it is in contact with water it wont get rotten.

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