Atlast it works. The final prototype and presentation

Every beginning must have an end…….and this week signified the end to all the work we have been conducting throughout our internship/IPT period, most especially the individual group projects. 

As explained in the previous week, we were assigned to design a bubble CPAP machine prototype.  Thus this week was all about implementation and modification of the prototype and also documentation of how the design was implemented.


This part involved the following activities:

  • Primary and secondary research
  • Searching for equipment
  • Bill of materials
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Building and testing of our circuit
  • Fabrication of housing
  • Fitting air and electrical circuit into housing

Afterwards, followed the testing and implementation part, whereas we were able to test the prototype to see if it satisfies the required objectives. And finally the presentation of the prototype to our supervisor.

                             Prototype Bubble CPAP machine

                            My partner and I during presentation of the Bubble CPAP machine

That is all about this week,

Till then,

Sandra Sommi.

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