Best run starts with a good muscle stretch


Best run starts with a good muscle stretch – Thomas N. Shetui

A week of design thinking – Starting up with a design thinking 101 session trying very deeply to understand how to internalize the problem through empathizing it and evaluating how the problem affects the end users. The procedure required first hand interviews (as a primary source of information) with the targeted end users. The information provided could be used to structure solutions to that problem and later secondary research was done. 

With the primary and secondary research commencing on the problem assigned to work on, “How can we encourage hand washing and make it safer” thereafter modified to, “How can we make most DIT students wash their hands”. Primary research set to dive deep on the frequency of handwashing per person interviewed, challenges faced during washing hands, conditions and accessibility of the hand washing stations. All these were vital for the topic in question focusing on DIT students.

Design challenge in background – While the design thinking 101 session continued, the most free time activity done was designing a robot for the upcoming Sumo Robot challenge. A tactical i.e. offense and defense, challenge that tests resilience and many other lessons on different levels. 

The Killer Robot: our champ that made it to the semi finals.

Joining forces with my fellow intern Juma Bakari, we structured our robot with the mathematically strongest structure i.e. pyramid, coming up with the Killer robot design. It had a lot of potential to go and wreak havoc on all the other robots and straight to the finals but three controversial rounds with the Mustang robot hindered the robot to the finals. All in all the challenge was a fantastic run with a lot of skills learned on how to apply the right tools for the right reasons.

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