Central Line Ultrasound Training Modul

Central Line Ultrasound Training Module – T. N. Shetui  

After working with the gelatin based central line training model and seeing all the drawbacks that  came along with the model, it was high time to research on other materials that could replace the  gelatin mixture. The replacement would resolve either all or most of the gelatin based model’s drawbacks.  

Materials that the researchers considered to   explore more on their  potential to replace the gelatin  mixture were tangit PVC  adhesive, pure white silicone  sealant, acrylic silicone  sealant (AS-606), Kenfix glass  windows’ sealant (KA-105),  dry grout powder, gypsum  powder and two way plastic.  All these materials were used in different mixing ratios to produce ten  different swatches / samples that  were to be tested for effectiveness and efficiency compared to the gelatin based central line ultrasound training model’s mixture.

 Fig 1. Different materials used to make samples.

  Four to five tests were done with each swatch to see its response and document the results. Tests  performed were: needle tests, finger piercing on the surface tests, odor tests, surface scratching test  and ultrasound tests.  After intensive preliminary sample tests, four swatches showed potential to be candidates to replace the gelatin mixture. These swatches were 03. Tangit PVC adhesive only, 06. Acrylic silicone sealant (AS-606), 09. Kenfix sealant (KA-105) and 10. Pure white silicone sealant. Due to further tests such as odor tests and ultrasound tests, Kenfix sealant (KA-105) was elected as a replacement of the gelatin mixture. The reason which led to choosing this material was its ability to retain its form after the needle  piercing test unlike other materials. This ability made it as close as the property of human skin ensuring high integrity and long model life span. Then what was left was to purchase the material chosen, KA-105 in bulk and model the subclavian central line access point using the already available DIT Design Studio plastic human torso. The replacement  would reduce or possibly eliminate all the gelatin based model’s  drawbacks.


                Fig 2. Swatches   



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