CLASSES- Electronic Design Workshop

Mr. Urassa at his desk

Hello, I’m Philimon S. Urassa. I am a Telecommunications and Electronics engineer working at the Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology as a tutorial assistant where I teach a basic electronics and electronics design workshop to Ordinary Diploma students.

In the Design Studio, my students got the opportunity to design and implement simple electronics projects that help to solve real life problems and challenges. Through the availability of tools and machinery in the Design Studio, my students are able to come up with simple design and good looking products that can be applied in society for the sake of coming up with a solution. During the design learning process students were exposed to multiple rapid prototyping skills including circuit designing, testing, PCB boards design, 3D printing and Laser cutting.

The DIT Design Studio has helped to open up student minds from the theoretical point of view to the innovative and creative mindset where students can come up with real physical solutions, good design and fabrication skills. These also help to build a confidence in the students that they can come up with a design good looking they would like to see in the market. Through this, my goal of delivering electronics knowledge that will be beneficial to the students in solving real life challenges and problems was supported by the DIT Design Studio. 

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