Crushing Quest

Crushing Quest – Kanyempwe Juma B.


In this week’s quest at the DIT Design Studio we had a final project prototype to complete. It was a great week for my team, we finished our first prototype ahead of time. So we had enough time to work on the problem statement and define the main objective of the project.

From our last visit to Muhimbili National Hospital in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), we went back to the DIT Design Studio and downloaded our findings then defined the problem statement.

Below are the objectives.

For this prototype we came up with the best solutions possible: to protect the source of negative pressure at Muhimbili National Hospital and create an alarm system for the collector container. We want to design a circuit that can provide all that.


For this final project we faced some setbacks with the coding on the circuit but we will eventually figure it out. Below is the first prototype


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