Design is intelligence made visible…

Design is intelligence made visible…

Neema Bryceson Kambo   29th August 2021

The week started with the bundling of ideas where we had to group the ideas generated from “How can we”  statements obtained from downloaded learnings.


Picture showing “How can we” statements that were generated 

Unlike the previous week, this week we had to make our problem solving ideas visible. It started with a little bit of convergence from several ideas obtained from the interview and our visit to Amana Regional Referral Hospital. We made four prototypes out of boxes, cardboard boxes and plastic cups. The first prototype was a transparent tank so that the water level was visible. The second one was a series of tanks, the third one was a completely closed tank and the last one was a recycling system.


Picture showing the prototypes made

The prototypes made were of low fidelity. When we presented the prototypes, Madam Julia advised us to increase the fidelity of the prototype and we came up with a new idea of adding a sensor to make a sensor controlled hand washing station. 

Picture showing a sensor controlled prototype

In addition to the sensor, we added some pictures so as to make the hand washing station attractive and enjoyable. In order to get feedback from the user we also added a rating screen that gives the user an opportunity to rate the hand washing station condition between best, better, good, bad or worse.

Generally, the activities carried out in this week required our attention and design thinking skills especially in deciding and designing which type of prototype to make. Despite all the hardship, the week was enjoyable as we had to put what we learned from class into reality.



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