Design is the intermediary between information and understanding…

Design is the intermediary between information and understanding…

Neema Bryceson Kambo    21st August 2021

We started with a design thinking session where we were trying to understand how to internalize the problem through empathizing. The process required primary research (interview with the targeted end users) and later secondary research from different sources. During the study we were given a problem: “Why don’t people wash their hands at the DIT canteen?” in which we had to discuss some attributes of it. We analyzed the problem and came up with some attributes.

Picture showing how we analyzed the hand washing problem 

After the study we were divided into two groups: Team Amana and Team Selcom. I was in team Amana in which we were assigned the research problem “Water overflowing in hand washing stations at Amana Regional Referral Hospital”. We were required to go to Amana Regional Referral Hospital to perform primary research on the assigned problem.


A hand washing station at Amana Regional Referral Hospital  


In a group of four, we went to Amana Regional Referral Hospital and met an engineer who was our interviewee. Our interviewee, Mr. Kapela answered the interview questions that we had prepared and provided us with some information concerning our problem. The most interesting part of our visit to Amana Regional Referral Hospital was when Mr. Kapela showed us the oxygen plant installed at the hospital for oxygen production. 


After the data collection process which was done through observations and an interview, we were required to download our learnings. We wrote down what we observed and obtained from the interview and other secondary sources.



Picture showing the downloaded learnings  


After downloading the findings, both groups got together and shared the interesting stories obtained from primary research. Madam Julia said to us that the process is non-linear meaning that we can repeat the procedures until we obtain the desired data.

Generally, the week was enjoyable as we learned and enjoyed at the same time. The week sent me to the Amana Regional Referral Hospital which I had never been to and I also saw an oxygen plant for the first time.



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