Group of 5 students sitting with a 3D Printer
^Our team and the completed Expansion 3D

We are a group of 5 final year Bachelors students in the department of Computer Studies. We are genuinely interested in everything that deals or works with computers, ranging from networking, electronics and software development.

During the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021 around mid-December, we decided to build a 3D printer as part of our coursework assessment for a core module named Robotics and intelligent systems. Having no prior experience in building a 3D printer nor a significant knowledge of its operation, we first had to understand how CNC (Computer Numerical Control) laser or plasma cutter worked as a means of building a fundamental background that could ease the understanding and complexity that comes with a 3D printer. 

^Team member, Busole, checks a component on the Expansion 3D

After weeks of playing around with a CNC machine simulation on Proteus (a great circuit simulation software), we started putting together the mechanics of a 3D printer and by the end of the semester we were able to build a complete working 3D printer; which we then named “Expansion 3DP”.

The Design studio staff was kind enough to provide us with a working environment and with their assistance. We were able to print significant parts using their 3D printers which incredibly helped in reducing the overall cost of the project and allowed a quick prototyping development.


Two purple square 3D printed models

^Models printed on Expansion 3D

The experience was mesmerizing! 

Thank you for reading our blog. 


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