By: Arslan Dogar

The activities of last week were mainly to complete the final project. We had been assigned to complete the bubble CPAP machine before Wednesday. The time was limited and the work that had to be completed before the deadline was huge. So it was evident that we had to work a lot in order to complete. We had to work day and night, and sometimes leaving the design studio at 1:00 Am. but the hard-work and dedication didn’t go in vein, as the target of completing the project before the deadline had been attained to a large extent. 

Working on Final Project

We left for Muhumbili National Hospital on morning of Wednesday so as to present the project to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) staff and other doctors, the presentation went quite well. Just one thin went wrong during the presentation which was the oxygen connector getting off the tube. We had been working at such a high pace that fastening the oxygen connector had completely been forgotten. But that didn’t affect the presentation to a large extent as we only used air supply form the pump to demonstrate the functionality of the project. The project had being appreciated well by the staff at Muhimbili National Hospital to the extent that they wanted to use it for patients immediately after the presentation. We had declined this request so as to prevent any medical complications since this was the first prototype of the bubble CPAP machine that we had developed. Additionally the doctors in the PICU ward suggested us to develop a mechanism or device that could easily make the nasal cannulas air tight for the patients.

The modifications that had to be made after the presentation of the project to the Muhimbili National Hospital staff were changing the colour theme, addition of the indicator light, and fastening the oxygen supply connector. All these tasks had to be completed before Friday. The final presentation of the projects was planned to be held on Friday but due to some technical issues with the cameramen’s equipment, the presentations had been delayed till Monday.

Monday of 9th November was our final day of industrial practical training. All the presentations were video recorded so as to be shared with The Rice University and The Lemelson Foundation.



The Final Presentation

It was really honor and pride for me to see that my all three projects that are the Bubble CPAP, The Infrared Thermometer, and the Sumo robot that I had built were a part of the final presentation. The Industrial practical training ended with a good dinner were sumo robot trophies were awarded to the first winner, best design and best code teams. My robot received the award for the best design.

Best Design Trophy for Sumo Robot

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