Finally the end is here. FINAL PROJECTS

                                                FINAL PROJECTS

On this week we were assigned our final projects that were based on the problems we observed through our hospital visitation at Muhimbili National Hospital and CCBRT , our team was assigned to design a length board.

A length board is an instrument that is used to measure the height of kids in hospitals so as to monitor their health progress.

The existing length boards we observed at muhimbili national hospital had some problems that the users were facing . the existing length boards are completely made of wood so if they get in contact with water for a long time they will rot, also the head piece is very loose that sometime when the babies are measured it slides down freely and hits the baby’s head, also the existing length boards are not portable ,they are very heavy to transport from one place to another .

So our team sat down and brainstormed on how to improve the design of the length board that will meet the users needs.

So we started making our first prototype by trying different approaches  including different materials that should be used also different sliding mechanisms that will be used to slide the head piece.

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