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The Lemelson Internship started with orientation in the Design Studio at Dar-es-Salaam Institute of Technology which was conducted by Joel, one of the teaching assistants. It began with a fun and creative activity of building a tower out of pieces of wire. This was aimed at implementing the team work spirit, working under pressure (since the provided time for completion was reduced purposely), optimum utilization of resources and so many other good lessons. This activity was followed by a brief introduction to the activities that will be carried out during the entire IPT period which include laser cutting, 3D printing, Arduino programming, visits to various health institutions and other possible tasks.

The next day, introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) was conducted which involved the use of Fusion 360 software for designing. We were given a drawing assignment to draw a CAD of a machine part.


A CAD simulation in Fusion 360


The other day we were exposed to a laser cutting machine in which we were given an assignment to make a key chain of our own design for certification. To get more familiar with the machine, we were also given a gear design challenge.

A three gears challenge

3D printing basics were introduced on the day in which several challenges were given such as the bridge challenge that required us to design and 3D print a bridge.

The most dominant activity during the remaining three days was Arduino programming. Arduino is basically an open source microcontroller which uses the programming codes uploaded into it to operate various functions of sensing from input devices such as sensors and controlling the output devices accordingly such as servo motors. After the theoretical approach, the first practical activity was to control the LED bulb and perform its various output functions.

Connection of LED lightening


Joyce Gerold Mbilinyi


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