During this week we started by learning Computer Aided Design (CAD) using Fusion 360 Software. Fusion 360 is nice software to get started with CAD because it has a simple and friendly user interface and cloud storage capability for the projects which allows working on different computers. We started drawing basic shapes and specifying basic dimensions as normal Engineering drawings. After we had covered some basics we were given a task to draw 3D shapes and print them using a 3D printer. The figure below is the drawing which I was tasked to draw.

The above object was used to certify us on our 3D printers skills. This certification required us to import an STL file from Fusion 360 then describe and justify 3D printing settings including orientation, also changing filaments to different ones (both PLA and ABS).

We also did some laser cutting which is just the 2D subtractive manufacturing of CAD shapes using a laser cutter. This was a continuation of CAD drawing skills enhancement and additions skills in operating the laser cutter. We were also tasked to CAD and laser cut the wooden keychains with designs of our choices then we were certified on laser cutter operation and safety.

Thereafter we were assigned to draw a net regular dodecahedron and cut it in cardboard using the laser cutter in such a way that it would fold into a 3D object. This task was to be submitted the following day on the 11th of August 2021 We were required to submit the 3 gear train which consisted of  a driver gear and the driven gear. We laser cut them using acrylic glass as shown in the photo below.

On the following day we made bridges using the 3D printer whereby we were required to 3D print the strongest bridge we can build in pairs. The design of the bridges was totally up to us to decide. This was a challenge to train us about orientation, aspect ratio and load direction of a 3D printed object. The bridges we made were tested and the one which held the most weight without collapsing was the winner.

Above photo shows the bridge strength test.

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