Getting familiar. Time to learn new things


This week was a little bit challenging because most of us were not familiar with the learning environment. Most of us came with our own expectations but upon arrival, it was so cool and fascinating at the same time, to meet new people with almost similar and different expectations from me. Getting to know new people and their ideas is the most amazing thing about this first week.

Upon arrival we were told that it was possible to turn our ideas into reality, this motivated me into wanting to learn more. In the process we started working with the CAD program (Fusion 360), laser cutting machine and 3D printer. When we were introduced it was a bit of a challenge to some of us as it was our first time using the machines. But at the end of the day we were coping and created some amazing stuff.



                               Sample of an earphone holder created by 3d printer


                                Sample of the boxes designed by laser cutter

Learning while doing is the key thing that defines the DIT Design Studio. This is important as it makes us more engaged in the lesson/classes. It has helped some/most of us who came here with little knowledge to catch up fast. With the help of madam Julia and the technicians present at the Design Studio, it has been an amazing week.

This week we were also visited by people from the Robotech Company, who brought us different prototypes of projects that they did, and shared them with us. The prototypes were mainly inspired by the Covid 19 situation as they were created in order to prevent the spread of Covid 19. The projects include: social distancing mask; automatic faucet (touchless) using Arduino, pulse oximeter for covid 19 and an infrared thermometer. 

The presentation of the prototypes made me realize that even with limited resources we can create stuff that can be helpful to our society especially in the time of crisis. All the prototypes were created using the available materials like the ones we have in the Design Studio.


                                    One of the prototypes: the infrared thermometer.

Assaid earlier, this week was all about getting familiar with everything important but most important of all getting into work. I am excited about the lessons of the coming week because I am sure they will be about getting our hands into doing some stuff.

Till then

Sandra Sommi

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