Getting started. Data analysis from the needs finding

Getting started…

This week involved analysis from the needs findings that we conducted last week. We listed all our needs findings from the hospital visits at Muhimbili national hospital (MNH) and Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT). These findings made the rise of final projects such as bubble CPAP, wall suction machine, automatic chest compressor and length board. There were also small projects such as POP cutter, power supply for the CCBRT hospital. We were given a chance to choose our partners and the project of our choice to work on from the list of our needs findings. And submitted our choices to the design studio manager.

                                       3D printer

A 3d printer we found at CCBRT hospital when we went for the needs findings. They use these kinds of 3d printers in the Prosthetics and Orthotics (P&O) department for printing the supporting body parts. The challenging thing we found was that the 3d printers present like the one in the photo are abandoned/ not working and there are not enough personnel to maintain them. 

She then gave us the feedback about our choices and what she thinks where everyone fits on the projects present. We were also given some side projects for everyone to complete before we reach the end of our IPT/ Lemelson internship. Wait!! I said the end, ooh yes we are almost done with our IPT/ Internship, and time flies so fast it seems like yesterday when we started this.

We started getting familiar with our final projects and the list of the small side projects that each one of us was selected. By understanding what the project needs, looking at what others have done, and where we should start by strategizing what to do before getting our hands dirty.  

Sandra Sommi.

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