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A prototype refers to the preliminary version of a device from which other devices will be developed. It is usually used for testing a concept. This week our group was mainly dealing with finalizing our prototypes which were on the IR-thermometer. The thermometer infers temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation emitted by an object being measured. It is sometimes called a laser thermometer as a laser is used to help aim the thermometer. It works by measuring the temperature of infrared energy which every material or object with a temperature above absolute zero radiates. A lens focuses the infrared radiation onto a detector which in turn converts this energy into an electric signal. After compensating for the ambient temperature, this signal is displayed as a temperature reading. The main focus was on how we could stop people with elevated temperatures from entering the DIT Design Studio.

Infrared thermometer in use

We began by making our circuit on the PCB and soldered it after testing the circuit on the breadboard. After that we designed our desired housing using the solidworks software and transferred the file to the 3D printer in STL format ready to be printed. After printing we inserted all the components into the housing and despite some challenges in working, it eventually worked perfectly. This is how we completed our final prototype.

Infrared thermometer prototype

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