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The studio offers short workshops on Design Basics, Arduino 101, soldering, CAD, and 3D printing and more based on the students’ needs.


Faculty are welcome to teach classes out of the studio and to make use of studio facilities for hands-on training in the classroom.


Resistors, capacitors, motors, digital displays, solenoids, transistors, fuses, Arduinos, sensors, and more all available for use by DS Members.


Full electronics bench, 3D printers, microscopic, and laser cutter available for use by members.


Studio manager, technicians, volunteers, and guests available to offer guidance on project progression.

Project Space 

Bright room on scenic 7th floor of the DIT Teaching Tower with ample working space, project storage, and Wi-Fi.


Full mechanical toolbox, measuring instruments, drills, and electrical tools.

How some students have used the Design Studio

Final Year Projects

Students working on final year projects can make use of the Design Studio throughout the year. From refining a project idea, concept testing on a breadboard prototype to 3D printing user-friendly housing. The studio is filled with tools and expertise to get your final project.

Independent projects

Students are welcome to suggest and work on their own ideas out of the studio. Studio with independent projects formally in the studio is welcome to permanently take some components for their devices and receive places to store their projects.


Lemelson Internship

Students and/or recent graduates attend an 8-week internship at the home institution or a partner institution. A group of DIT students is selected annually to attend the internship at Rice University, USA, and University of Malawi, Polytechnic. The DIT DS also hosts students from these institutions in Tanzania. Nigerian universities will also be a part of this exchange in 2020. Stay tuned to learn how to apply.

Design thinking workshop
LemelsonInternshipStudentswithPrototypesforAmanaHospital with amana Hospital doctor
Students work at design studios on faculty defined projects and self-identified from visits to local hospitals and clinics. Medium fidelity prototypes are expected and presented at the end of the internship.

Industrial Practical Training projects – for a more immersive experience, 15 students are selected by departments to conduct their IPT in the Design Studio. These students undergo intensive training on design theory, Arduino, electronics, CAD, and 3D printing. They then work on independently led creative projects and client projects. During the latter, they work from ideation to prototype presentation with a real-world industry client to create a product that solves a problem the client has identified.

Class-related projects are done at the studio- Faculty are welcome to teach classes in the Design Studio that make use of Studio resources. The Studio has resources available to purchase some supplies for hands-on training related to class activities. Please email the DS Manager for more information.

Skill development lab: workshops on Arduino programming, CAD, 3D Printing, Lasercutting, Design 101, Soldering with more added according to student needs.

Tinkering/Exploration: Curious makers are welcome to come and test out their ideas on their own whenever the studio is open. Test out a circuit, improve your CAD skills, 3D print a useful object- the studio is open for your creativity.