Small and Amazing

                               SMALL AND FINAL PROJECT

The last week was special for completing our small project and start dealing with final project after the visitation we made at Muhimbili National Hospital(MNH) and Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation of Tanzania (CCBRT Hospital). Where we conducted research and investigated different problems and challenges facing the Hospitals. As we observed different problems our task was to work on them and find solution based on either doing maintenance where needed and invading new appropriate technology.

                                             SMALL PROJECT

From the starting day of our IPT sessions in DIT design studio, I acquired variety of knowledge in different parts like knowledge in Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, Arduino, Research knowledge and other Technological knowledge. Under Supervision and Training from DIT studio Manager Julia, she assigned all of us to conduct small project based of knowledge we obtained. She assigned for me to make a pen holder for Dr. Moshi, The Head of Department, Electrical Engineering. For myself I was glad for this assigned job. Firstly, I talked to Dr. Moshi to find a suitable design for his office. 

The following are the strategies I used to accomplish my small project;

  • Firstly, I designed my drawing by using Solidworks application.
  • I sliced my design and export to G-Code.
  • Finally, I send it to the Prusa Slicer ready for printing.



                        Small project: Pen holder

                                        FINAL PROJECT

After small project assignment, we assigned for our final IPT project to deal with problems and challenges we found in our field study at Muhimbili National Hospital and CCBRT Hospital. For my side team, we assigned to deal with a Wall Suction Machine as we discovered challenges from research we made at Muhimbili National Hospital, the Hospital is using two types of machine which are few compared to the PICU demands. The present Suction Machines at MNH are few and are imported from the abroad apart from that they haven’t an alarm system to alert the Doctor when they are about to full, this resulted to more death at PICU. As a team towards our IPT final project is to come out with a solution to the presence of the mentioned challenges about the Wall Suction Machine   

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