Fuad Abdallah, August 23, 2021.

This week had a very exciting start with a sumo bot competition. The sumo bot competition is a sport in which two robots attempt to push each other out of a circle.  We were assigned to create a sumo bot for this competition. I started creating my sumo bot at home this past weekend by writing the program for the sumo bot and created a prototype. I tested it each time I updated my program. It was such a fun process because I even created my own ring at home to test it. I updated my program multiple times while testing it until I got what I intended, then I started designing my sumo bot using CAD.

                                                  Testing of my sumo bot prototype 

On the day of the competition I went to the studio early and I laser cut my CAD design of the sumo bot. Before assembling the sumo bot, I did another test to see if the program ran as I wanted it to run, then I assembled the parts that I laser cut.I also considered some tricks that could help me win the competition like adding some weight to my sumo bot so it would not be easily pushed by another sumo bot.

                                             The complete design of the MEGATRON

Then our technicians passed us a form to write our sumo bots names so that they can arrange them for the tournament. I named my sumo bot MEGATRON after a character from a sci-fi movie called The Transformers.Then time for the competition reached and all the names of the sumo bots were listed on the board, some of the bots names were BUMBLE BEE, HEAVY WEIGHT, NYAUTRONIX and LMNTRIX.

Then the competition started by following the tournament flow that Madam Julia arranged. It was such fun seeing the bots fighting each other with no mercy. I reached the final stage and competed against BUMBLE BEE. It was a very funny coincidence because both MEGATRON and BUMBLEBEE are characters from The Transformer movie and were also rivals in the movie. So it was a very exciting fight. At the end, my sumo bot (MEGATRON) was declared the winner. I was very happy because apart from winning, watching the competition was very entertaining.

                                 The final fight between MEGATRON and BUMBLEBEE

So that day ended nicely and at the end of the week Madam Julia gave me a gift for winning the competition and I was very happy about it. So all in all this week was very exciting and beneficial because I learnt a lot of things during the process of creating the sumo bot.


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