What are the Enduring Legacies of the American Civil War?

The football, played on a very poor quality pitch, was not without its moments of class, but it was slow, dull and peppered with mistakes. The crowd, on this occasion, was entirely peaceable, but Argentina’s awful record of football violence and disorder is well earned. They understand the consequences of their position in the global football political economy, in which Argentina exports more players than any country other than Brazil.

  1. Animal and food shortages in theatres of war were one factor in the increasing proliferation of corn-fed Midwestern beef and pork on America’s dinner tables (and arguably the beginning of the South’s long struggle with heart disease).
  2. To contest the notion of these early albums as exclusive to the township, it is imperative to acknowledge the global networks of the residents engaged in their compilation and the mobilities of their content.
  3. My research focuses on the cultural history of war, particularly the First World War.
  4. The shah was adeptly pitting Western allies against each other as they vied for his most favorable treatment.27 Moreover, he insisted that any deal would be conditioned upon supporting the cause of Iranian industrialization through significant capital investments and aid to his country.
  5. She started #FreePeriods aged 17 whilst still at school and called on the government to give free menstrual products to low-income families.

Islam has also often existed side by side with representational traditions such as masquerading. Such practices have often been viewed as supplemental rather than oppositional to Islam, particularly when they are seen as effective or operating outside of the central concerns of the faith.

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Many thanks also to the Edinburgh Centre for Global History at the University of Edinburgh, the Cross Cultural Circa Nineteenth Century Research Centre at the University of St Andrews, and the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum for invitations to present this research, and to the observations of audience members and colleagues. This research was supported by a grant from the Scottish Funding Council. Unknown photographer, Mrs George Playfair how to cite a website in an essay example , Playfair Album, General Album 9, 15, 1853, salted paper print from paper negative, 13 × 9.8 cm . Collection of the University of St. Andrews Libraries and Museums (ID Alb ). Unknown photographers, Studio portraits of the Maitland Dougall family with views of Bermuda on adjacent page, Maitland Dougall Album, circa 1852–1880, General Album 86, 23 and 24, circa 1860s, albumen prints from collodion-on-glass negatives, 49.3 × 70.4cm .

Special thanks to Natalie Adamson for her insightful feedback on an earlier draft and to Jacob Polley for permission to cite his poem. I am indebted to Rachel Nordstrom and how long is essay the Special Collections team at the University of St Andrews, as well as to the institutions that have granted permission to reproduce photographs in their possession.

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Eventually, sub-Saharan Africans developed their own brand of Islam, often referred to as “African Islam,” with specific brotherhoods and practices. Between the eighth and ninth centuries, Arab traders and travelers, then African clerics, began to spread the religion along the eastern coast of Africa and to the western and central Sudan (literally, “Land of Black people”), stimulating the development of urban communities. Given its negotiated, practical approach to different cultural situations, it is perhaps more appropriate to consider Islam in Africa in terms of its multiple histories rather then as a unified movement. The implications of this passage, however, extend well beyond matters of faith.

  1. Suzanne Raine is an Affiliate Lecturer at the Centre for Geopolitics at Cambridge University.
  2. These lines summon metaphorical associations between the materials of calotype photography and the coast itself.
  3. I have contributed to a variety of public engagement activities as part of the centenary of the Battle of the Somme (July-November 1916) including a televised debate at the Irish Embassy, London and a forthcoming debate at the National Army Museum, London.
  4. With that potentiality in mind, CPAGH aims to revisit, in democratic and provocative ways, the constructed idea of the ‘colonial port’, with a view to disentangling such an idea from lingering narratives of Anglo-imperial and maritime history.
  5. Unlike an essay about yourself, the enduring issue essay is about the problem or situation, living across times and generations.
  6. You mostly consider it as a fault of the industry and river pollution, but you also tend to promote researching for the topic.

In this context, French policymakers hoped that the deal with Iran would ease some of these financial pressures. Iran’s and Iraq’s atomic aspirations were enabled by the global destabilization of trade balances that resulted from the oil price hike, as well as by the French government’s rejection of U.S. leadership at a time of economic crisis and geopolitical uncertainty. Indeed, France’s desperate need to combat an oil-derived recession created a unique opportunity for Iran’s monarch, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, to offer it an economic lifeline in the form of a Franco-Iranian “oil-for-atoms” exchange, triggering rivaling demands across OPEC’s other Gulf states. This had knock-on effects across the region, as Iraq’s Baathist regime managed to capitalize on these tensions to get a nuclear reactor of its own.

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Moreover, the clubs have remained members’ clubs, rooted in their communities, electing their officials and offering a range of social facilities. The significant rise in the number of women interested in football, some even braving the hitherto macho monoculture of the stadium, has cemented this. There is, unlike almost everywhere else outside of Europe, not a trace of support for foreign clubs.

That poetry and public art take the calotype as their theme to invoke and fuse place and past together is consistent with a broader historiographical project that seems no less set in granite. Indeed, while colonial ports vary greatly in their political, historical, economic and socio-cultural conditions, their impact on the ways researchers map and interpret knowledge is best substantiated through a vibrant exchange that is comparative, relational and multicultural in perspective. In doing so, CPAGH aims to engender a more comprehensive, widely intelligible and post-Eurocentric approach to studying colonialism in global history, underlying asymmetries of power, and their enduring legacies across time and place. In this context, the PEON Commission12 — the state’s main advising body on nuclear energy matters — met in January 1974 to formulate a new strategy to ensure France’s long-term energy security.13 Its first recommendation called for an unprecedented expansion of France’s nuclear capacity.

Frances Nuclear Gamble: Petrodollar Recycling, Reactor Exports, and the Threat of Proliferation in the Persian Gulf

In this regard, we offer some examples of how previous displacement crises have played out in the region, looking at the issue of camps and the long-term impact of self-settled refugee populations. This analysis bolsters arguments in favour of approaches that avoid marginalising refugees, provides insight into processes of integration and the contributions of displaced communities to local development and highlights the pitfalls of favouring refugees above needy local communities in the provision of assistance. 114 “Présence Nucléaire Française en Irak.” The most well-known heavy-water reactor is the CANDU informational essay definition reactor under joint British and Canadian license. This is different from the light-water reactor developed by Westinghouse, which was the most prevalent technology in France and was exported to Iran. Heavy-water reactor technology can use natural uranium instead of enriched uranium as fuel, which makes it more difficult to ensure safeguards in terms of fuel supplies. Moreover, weapons-grade plutonium can be extracted from heavy-water reactor nuclear waste while the reactor is running, which also makes it more challenging for the IAEA to ensure that no plutonium is diverted for military purposes.

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Racial divisions in the United States are the Civil War’s most enduring legacy. Although the nation was already divided along racial lines long before 1861, the conflict exacerbated this discord. Despite Reconstruction, racial divisions persist and the legacy of the war remains at the centre of debates about Confederate statues and flags. In Jordan, one of the most water-poor countries on earth, these populations also draw on state-subsidised water and electricity. Workers in both countries complain that Syrians have driven down wages – and Syrians complain that they are exploited by employers.

Common Destiny Dictatorship, Foreign Policy, and War in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany

Brewster sets forth nothing short of an imperialist agenda for photography as a technology for the study of foreign peoples and their lands, histories, and monuments. To be sure, Brewster echoes earlier commentators who had advocated the expeditionary applications of photography. The proposal that the camera render “every inscription, every stone” of “mysterious hieroglyphics” recalls Dominique François Arago’s suggestion for the labour-saving potential use of the daguerreotype in the documentation of hieroglyphics. Brewster was quick to communicate and foster discussion of photographic methods and equipment at the society’s monthly meetings, encouraging a collective, sociable experimentation with the new processes in the town. Two inaugural members of the society, Major Hugh Lyon Playfair and the physician John Adamson, became adept and fervent local calotypists within these close-knit circles (figs. 5 and 6).

  1. The government insisted that there would be no commercial advertising or sponsorship for the programme.
  2. It laid out the research and international comparisons showing that Clarin were indeed underpaying and that a very much larger television rights deal could be achieved.
  3. These clubs are two of the traditional “big five” but neither would last a moment in the Premier League, and would struggle at the lower end of the Championship.
  4. The city of Timbuktu, for instance, flourished as a commercial and intellectual center, seemingly undisturbed by various upheavals.
  5. This workshop – coupled with CPAGH’s collaborations with the Pitt Rivers Museum and History of Science Museum in Hilary and Trinity 2020 – will also serve as knowledge labs for an international conference in Berlin in Summer 2020.
  6. But has there really been a ‘global colour line’ in the past, and if so when was it drawn, whom did it divide, and does it still operate?
  7. Although most are best thought of as family compilations, the sequence and geographical range of subjects of Album 53A closely relate to the early career of Robert Lambert Playfair.

Unlike other major nuclear exporters, it had refused to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. The National Security Council advised Nixon to pressure Giscard d’Estaing to collaborate, especially when it came to “troubled areas” of the world. At a domestic level, building over 50 nuclear plants in less than a decade posed several challenges. A massive deployment of nuclear reactors across France could potentially endanger civilian populations,34 and key nuclear https://sibilladrinks.com/how-long-does-it-take-to-write-a-1000-word-essay/ equipment remained licensed to the American company Westinghouse.35 But the most pressing questions were financial in nature. The program would consume at least a billion francs in its first couple of years, at a time when France was facing an imminent recession. EDF did not have the working capital to carry out this investment on its own, so the French government might have to borrow in international capital markets to carry out these investments.

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Not one to settle for business as usual, Allen recruited other mill owners who shared his loss prevention philosophy. Together, they combined their strength to create a mutual property insurance companythat would insure only “good risk” factories—creating the category of “highly protected risk properties.” This business idea also provided incentives, because whatever premiums remained at the end of a policy term would be returned to policyholders. Back in 1835, property loss prevention was not a top-of-mind business issue.

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Agencies are struggling to reach these refugees and profile their needs, let alone provide for them. Although there is some experience within the formal humanitarian system of helping refugees gain access to public services and promoting their selfsufficiency, there is no consolidated body of knowledge or operational approaches on these topics. Founded in 2018, CPAGH is an interdisciplinary network at TORCH that fosters collaborative thinking about colonial ports and global history, creates an exciting and diverse hub of related expertise, and brings together scholars and practitioners across a range of career stages and cultural backgrounds.

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Progress was frustrating and inconsistent over these first experimental years, driven in part by the rivalries and amities of neighbours and professional colleagues. Ultimately, the power of the state to secure its own existence was confirmed between 1861 and 1865, but the uses to which that power was put after 1865 often had a stronger resonance internationally, certainly in the 20th century, than domestically. And military strength, rather than underpinning a strong, positive, outward-looking central state, gradually evolved into an overly defensive, negative, inward-focussed one.

The subsequent displacement of poorer Americans from rural spaces accelerated urbanisation and provided a cheap labour pool for booming industrial enterprises. Today, African-Americans and other minorities tend to see the federal government as a good thing because they have a historical experience of it stepping in to help them and to protect their constitutional rights. Many whites, by contrast, regard the expansion of the state since the Civil War as un-American – a direction that needn’t have been taken, a threat to individual https://daem.hijuelas.cl/how-long-should-an-essay-be/ liberty. The War, they argue, did correct a fundamental flaw in the American Revolution – that it had tolerated the evil of slavery – but now that people were free, they should largely be left to their own devices. The republic of independent farmers and self-governing communities that Jefferson believed in was very different from the industrialising, centralised America that the War left behind. Displaced populations in the Middle East have often been able to draw on resources that are inaccessible to host populations.

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This portrait is a tightly cropped oval duplicate print of the photograph reproduced as figure 4 here. By the summer of 1849, the town’s how to be a good american essay three main thoroughfares—North Street, Market Street, and South Street—had been modernised under Hugh Lyon Playfair’s stewardship.

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